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Early voting trends favor Trump in Florida… Election 2016

Early voting trends favor Trump in Florida-more early GOP voters


August 2016 Election Humor

As Donald Trump made several unforced errors- Hillary Clinton “short circuited” over her e-mails…  

The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton

I find it important nonetheless to try to help Democrats understand why, on a level deeper than just policy, intelligent non-sexist progressives and independents are generally unable to support Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton stumbles, & Trump takes the lead in new tracking polls…

The Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll, a new survey that begins publication Friday, marks a significant shift in a race that most polls indicated Clinton has led since mid-May.    Donald Trump 42.1% —— Hillary Clinton 40.9%  It comes amid a flurry of other surveys, both nationally and in battleground states, that show support for […]

Spokesperson: Hillary Clinton Gave Voluntary Interview To FBI On Email Probe — CBS New YorkCBS New York

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSNewYork) — A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton has said the presumptive Democratic nominee gave a voluntary interview to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on a probe into the use of a private server to send sensitive emails. “She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing… via […]

Hillary Clinton interviewed by the FBI — America’s Watchtower

Today the long-awaited FBI interview with Hillary Clinton took place and from all accounts is was about 3 1/2 hours long. Here is more: Hillary Clinton met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday morning for a “voluntary interview” about the investigation into her use of a private email server while serving as secretary […] […]

Trump and Sanders Agree: ‘Free trade’ is killing us

It is becoming increasingly clear how devastating U.S. global trade has been to a large portion of the American public.

Hillary Clinton’s frustration is starting to show

We have seen several instances this week of Hillary Clinton losing her cool.

Here’s the Bad News and the Good News for Hillary in the Washington Post’s Big Email Story

  Here’s the bad news for Hillary: State Department security specialists, at least initially, had no idea Clinton was using a personal server. Her private server didn’t get basic encryption protection until she’d been Secretary of State for more than two months. Clinton was specifically warned that using a personal BlackBerry was not ideal from […]

NY TIMES: How Trump Could Be Blocked at a Contested Republican Convention

How Trump Could Be Blocked at a Contested Republican Convention