Steps for Creating a Personal Budget

Personal Budget pic

Personal Budget

An associate manager and financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services, based in Palm Beach, Florida, Joseph Grund works directly with clients to help them achieve their financial goals. With a focus on developing financial confidence, Joseph Grund helps clients understand their current financial situations and develops bespoke, holistic financial plans to serve their needs.

Creating a budget is often the first step to take when trying to improve your financial situation. Here is how you make one.

1. Work out your net income, taking into account deductibles like 401(k) contributions and social security.
2. Create a list of necessary expenditures, which will include things like mortgage payments, car payments, and food. Some of these will be fixed and easy to manage, whereas others, like food and gas, may be variable and offer opportunities to make cuts.
3. Subtract your necessary expenses from your net income to give yourself a figure to work with. Set the goals you hope to achieve based on this figure.
4. Develop a plan based on these goals that sets the actions you will take in stone. For many, this revolves around saving a certain amount per month.
5. Don’t ease off once you have your plan in place. Keep checking your finances and review the budget whenever any aspect of your financial situation changes.

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