Facts to Remember When Caring for Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu pic

Shih Tzu
Image: akc.org

Joseph Grund helps clients achieve financial confidence as an advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, where he has regularly received inclusion in the Ameriprise Circle of Success. Outside of work, Joseph Grund and his wife enjoy taking their Shih Tzu to local dog parks.

Shih Tzu literally means “little lion.” Originating in China or Tibet, this dog breed is both affectionate and outgoing. Below are things to remember about caring for Shih Tzus:

Exercising – Shih Tzus cannot tolerate extreme heat. Light exercise, such as a daily walk, is enough to energize them. Owners can also play a game of fetch indoors when outdoor weather is too extreme.

Grooming – Shih Tzus have a plush coat, which requires constant combing to prevent matting. Consider giving the dog a shorter cut for manageability.

Feeding – An adult Shih Tzu weighs around nine to 16 pounds. Its feeding ratio depends on its weight; for every pound of weight, 35 calories should be consumed.


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