Joseph Grund is a Managing Director at Ameriprise Financial in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where works with clients across the country to help them work towards achieving their financial and investment goals.  Aside from his professional engagements, Joseph Grund is a big fan of NFL football.

Can the Patriots Defense stop Le’Veon Bell & Antonio Brown?

Bill Belichick has built his coaching career on creating schemes that take away the opponents top weapon. Le’Veon Bell is clearly the Steelers top weapon. Even if BB can stop Bell, he must be careful to not allow Antonio Brown to break out. The Steelers will obviously come up with ways to get these two playmakers the ball; will the Patriots out-trump them on scheme once again?

Can the Steelers Defense disrupt Tom Brady?

Houston was successful in generating pressure up the middle with its pass-rushers up front and dropping as many as they could into coverage. Will the Steelers be able to mirror this success? It is no secret that Brady does not like to be rushed up the middle; the Steelers ability to win will come down to whether they can disrupt Brady.

 Will injuries matter?

Will No. 1 Falcons receiver Julio Jones is miss the game or struggle to perform with his foot injury? Will the Packers get Jordy Nelson back from the injury he suffered in the wild-card victory over the Giants?

Receivers Randall Cobb and Jared Cook will need to continue to be successful in helping Aaron Rodgers continue his recent sharp paly in what is likely to be a high scoring affair, especially if Jones is able to play.

Can the Falcons defensive make a difference?

Arron Rodgers is currently playing the QB position about as well as anyone who ever has. In fact the Cowboys coach said he would go down as one of the Top 3 to ever play QB in the NFL. Right now Arron Rodgers is throwing darts and essentially throwing his receivers open, when they are not. Will the Falcons defense, which is not great, be able to defend Rodgers?


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