Diamond Ring Award: Recognition of Financial Planning Excellence

Joseph Grund & Associates pic

Joseph Grund & Associates
Image: ameripriseadvisors.com

Joseph Grund has used his exceptional knowledge and skills to thrive as a financial advisor and associate manager for Ameriprise Financial Services of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, since 2011. In this role, Joseph Grund provides personalized service and develops tailored financial plans according to the unique needs of each client.

In acknowledgement of Mr. Grund’s achievements in financial advising, he was honored with the Diamond Ring Award from Ameriprise Financial Services in 2013. This accolade is given to financial advisors who demonstrate consistent excellence in client account management and general job performance over a several year period.

The Diamond Ring Award is only given to those employees that exhibit a high level of distinction. This accomplishment is a peak in Joseph Grund’s career, and he was one of only 75 Ameriprise financial advisors that received the Diamond Ring Award in 2013.

Joseph Grund & Associates
A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 11300 US Highway 1, Ste. 600 & 501, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3293


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