Here’s the Bad News and the Good News for Hillary in the Washington Post’s Big Email Story


Here’s the bad news for Hillary:

  • State Department security specialists, at least initially, had no idea Clinton was using a personal server.
  • Her private server didn’t get basic encryption protection until she’d been Secretary of State for more than two months.
  • Clinton was specifically warned that using a personal BlackBerry was not ideal from a security standpoint. She kept using the personal BlackBerry, though.
  • State Department employees were warned, in an official memo sent under Clinton’s name, not to do exactly what she was doing.
  • She was supposed to archive her emails for public-transparency purposes before the end of her term but didn’t.
  • One of Clinton’s top aides specifically rejected a plan that would have allowed her to use a BlackBerry that was subject to public-records requests.

    Read the full story here… Clinton E-mail’s


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